Leaders for the Impact Economy

We mobilize, educate, connect and empower the leaders of the new economy.

2100 is a network of current and future executives who, from their positions, strive for broad prosperity. This requires creating not only financial value, but also natural, social and human value. And it requires accountability to all stakeholders, including employees, society, suppliers and customers. This applies to the present, but also to the long term: the year 2100.

We build a movement of leaders that focus on societal value creation for all stakeholders. 

2100 organizes an annual Fall School in November for new members of the movement. Learn more!

We are looking for new members to join the 2100 Network. Applications are now open to join the 2023 Fall School. Apply via this link.

Based on our future-oriented and inclusive mindset, we want to help companies to be future-ready. A future that is radically different from the world today and in which companies are only successful if they are of value to society.

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2100 is a program of  the Impact Economy Foundation (IEF) and supported by a diversity of partners. 

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Do you want to get started with making impact and get to know more about the philosophy, the impact instruments and the action plans of 2100?

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The Impact Economy Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende InstellingANBI) and complies with the ANBI Conditions.