Key Impact Categories and Monetary Valuation Factors  

This document provides the Standardised list of Impacts Categories, which specifies the most important impact categories and indicators used for impact assessment, and the list of Monetisation Factors. Monetisation factors are estimates of the remediation cost of the social and environmental impacts that must be included to estimate the societal cost of an organisation. These impacts are measured by a set of footprint indicators and every footprint indicator can be converted to a monetary unit using the corresponding monetisation factor. Companies can use these monetiation factors to value their impacts on society and integrate this in decision-making.

Incubating the Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework

The Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework is incubated by the Impact Economy Foundation (IEF) together with thought leaders and leading practitioners in an inclusive and scientific manner. IWAF is developed in partnership with the Impact-Weighted Accounts Initiative from Harvard Business School, Singapore Management University, Rotterdam School of Management, and Impact Institute.

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Do you want to know what are the key Impact Categories and the Monetary Valuation Factors you need to take into account when applying IWAF? 

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