The Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework

Public Consultation

The Impact Economy Foundation is holding a public consultation on the Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework until September 9th, 2022. You can submit your responses either in full or in parts. Suggestions, questions and thoughts can be provided by sending input to An oral feedback session can also be arranged.



  • The consultation consists of 15 questions. We kindly request you to submit your input by September 9th, 2022.
  • You can submit your responses, either in full or in parts, at your own convenience.
  • We also welcome other suggestions / questions / thoughts. You can do so by sending your input to
  • Oral feedback is also welcomed, to arrange it, please reach out to the above mentioned e-mail.
  • Input will be discussed with the IEF Board, Academic Council and Working Group members of the IWAF.
  • Based on the input in the public consultation phase, a final version of the IWAF will be developed at the end of 2022. A synthesis of (anonymised) reactions will be made available.

Especially interesting for practitioners. The Summary of the IWAF has been developed to guide organisations and investors in measuring impact and pursuing sustainability and value creation beyond financial value.

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This introduction to why Impact-Weighted Accounts are crucial sets the scene for the need to measure beyond financial value creation and capture that in a framework. This
document is to be read in conjunction with the other publications of IWAF.

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Intro to IWAF

Especially interesting for impact experts. The conceptual framework for Impact-Weighted Accounts introduces the key concepts It is to be read in conjunction with the other publications of IWAF.

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Conceptual Framework

The Impact-Weighted Account Framework (IWAF) helps organisations to compile IWAs by providing the key concepts, requirements, and guidance.

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Especially interesting for practitioners. This guidance document helps to understand each step and stage of an IWA project.

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A collection of some of the most frequently asked questions about IWAF.

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Carlo Cuijpers, Expert, Sustainability Advisory at Van Lanschot Kempen:

The Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework sets a new dot on the horizon. As sustainability reporting is becoming mainstream across the board, it is useful to think about the next frontier, about ensuring impacts are factored in the P&L statements and are reflected in strategic decision making.

Banking For Impact:

The world economy needs a market-based system where social and environmental impacts are just as transparent as financial profit metrics. This means that good banking today requires impact to be measured in a harmonized way. That is why we believe Impact Weighted Accounts are the path forward to re-imagining our economy and will be especially important to financial markets going forward. Banking for Impact builds upon the IWAF and sees this framework as an important next step towards a more sustainable financial sector. One in which social and environmental impacts are just as transparent as financial profit metrics.

Register to the follow-up webinar

SAVE THE DATE! We are organising a follow-up webinar for practitioners on September 1st (2pm CEST) .

Are you a sustainability or accounting professional? Then this webinar is a must attend. The IWAF helps organizations to measure, report and steer based on the impact of the organisation on society. Impact statements, such as an Integrated Profit and Loss statement, give organizations insight in how they create or destroy long-term value to all stakeholders, beyond the financial impact.


Watch again

[Webinar] The Impact-Weighted Account Framework (IWAF): Paving the way to long-term value creation for all

On June 2nd, the Impact Economy Foundation launched the public consultation of the IWAF. You can watch the recording below.

We have prepared a selection of the most pressing Q&A of the session which can be found in our website.