Why is IWAF principle based?

IWAF infographics - IWAF Principles The Impact-Weighted Accounts FrameworkThe IWAF helps organisations measure their impact in such a way that the information can be used in decision making. In order to safeguard quality and consistency, the IWAF is built on 9 principles. They help the users make a proper assessment in each step of

Why is IWAF relevant for investors?

IWAF infographics - Why is IWAF relevant for investors? The Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework Impact-Weighted Accounts (IWAs) help organisations assess how they create or reduce value for society in a holistic and consistent way. This shapes the organisations way of accounting and reporting which in turn allows investors to make more future-fit investment decisions

What is the IWAF?

Our first IWAF infographic The Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework What does impact measurement look like, what are the Impact-Weighted Accounts and the building blocks of IWAF? BACK TO THE IMPACT-WEIGHTED ACCOUNTS FRAMEWORK