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Van Groei naar Bloei met Impact Accounting

Van Groei naar Bloei met Impact Accounting Ondanks de giftige cocktail van groeiendemaatschappelijke uitdagingen (klimaatverandering, biodiversiteitsafbraak, voortschrijdende mensenrechtenschendingen) en de toenemende commitments aan de SDGs ontbreekt het in de financiële sector aan betrouwbare impactinformatie en instrumenten om te sturen op maatschappelijke impact. Impact accounting kan de basis leggen voor


Vision Paper Impact Economy Foundation

Vision for the Impact Economy The impact economy is a market economy revolving around the common good An impact economy is a market economy that provides the values, information and incentives that optimise the common good and enables people to pursue their own preferences, ideas and projects to satisfy their


The case for monetary valuation

The Case of Monetary Valuation Monetary valuation of business impacts is the language business understands, it enables comparability, it incorporates the local context and the complexity of how impacts arise and is relatively easily integrated into traditional accounting systems and decision making. We call on policy makers, standard setters, and


Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework

The Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework The Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework (IWAF) forms a center piece of the Impact Economy. IWAF provides organisations with a harmonized, consistent way of measuring, reporting and steering on impact. The framework helps to quantify and monetize organisations’ impact on social, human and natural capital for all stakeholders.This framework is the result


Comment letter IFRS Consultation on Sustainability Reporting

IEF believes that accounting and reporting on multi-capital, multi-stakeholder impact is crucial for well-functioning markets in a sustainable economy. IEF therefore wrote a response to the IFRS Consultation Paper on Sustainability Reporting.

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