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The Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework (IWAF) is in the forefront of a broader ecosystem of the measurement, valuation and management of impact. IEF works closely together with actors in the field of Impact Measurement and Valuation (IMV) to strengthen the field, develop an international standard for impact accounting and accelerate the adoption of impact management.

Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework

In this field, IWAF is uniquely recognized by its:

  • Broad adoption in practice: IWAF is widely implemented in practice by large enterprises. This ensures that it is not merely a theoretical promise, but a robust standard that is of added value in practice. The extensive application of IWAF provides unique insights to further improve the practice of impact accounting, contributing to the relevance, value for decision-makers, and broader acceptance of IWAF. Find out more about the practice of IWAF here.
  • Focus on impact management: While the IMV field is characterized by a focus on impact measurement and reporting, IEF has developed strong, distinctive expertise and practice in impact management based on IWAF. Learn more about Impact management based on IWAF here.
  • Enrichment of the CSRD: To ensure added value in light of new regulations, IEF connects IWAF with the CSRD to demonstrate how the 50,000 CSRD-compliant companies can enrich their CSRD implementation with impact accounting & management based on IWAF. Read our position paper on the CSRD here.

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The Impact Economy Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende InstellingANBI) and complies with the ANBI Conditions.

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