The first ever Chief Value Officer of the Year award, presented by the Impact Economy Foundation, is a prestigious accolade celebrating the outstanding achievements of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) who exhibit exceptional leadership in redefining corporate value. The Chief Value Officer (CVO) of the Year is a visionary CFO transcending traditional financial metrics, recognizing the significance of integrating social, human, natural, and financial capital for impactful outcomes. Striving for a paradigm shift in the business world, they champion sustainability, resilience, and positive societal impact.  

This year’s five exceptional leaders steering us toward an impact-driven economy and thereby receiving the CVO of the year award are: 

  • Walter Bien (CFO of Alliander)
  • Vivienne de Leeuw (CFO of Haven van Rotterdam)
  • Jan Huij (CVO of Tony’s Chocolonely)
  • Danny Benima (CVO of Stedin)
  • Erwin Bziuk (CVO of Lidl Nederland).

This award not only acknowledges their significant accomplishments but also encourages others in the corporate world to follow their lead, fostering a global community of value-driven, purpose-led leaders who understand that success extends beyond profit.  

The Impact Economy Foundation’s inaugural search for the CVO of the Year culminated in a remarkable journey, spotlighting these visionary leaders amid global social challenges. The rigorous selection process involved diverse executive nominations and an expert jury panel consisting of Jeroen Smit, Jellie Banga, Hans Reus, Enaam Ahmed Ali, and Mijntje Lückerath-Rovers, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of each nominee’s impact. Offering a glimpse into this intricate process, this year’s jury report illustrates the winners’ competencies through their remarkable career trajectories, showcasing their achievements as impact value-driven leaders. The report delves deeper by featuring insightful interviews with the CVOs, providing a comprehensive view of their expertise and impact on the business landscape.

Jury Report


Explore the detailed insights into each winners’ accomplishments in our jury report.

The Chief Value Officer of the Year Award is an initiative of the Impact Economy Foundation in collaboration with de Baak and SeederDeBoer. Nominating an impact-driven CFO for this award was possible until 30 June 2023.