From Euros to Impact – How does social impact become top priority in the boardroom?

Doing business with a tunnel vision of profit margins and satisfied shareholders is outdated. It results in a depletion of the planet and, moreover, years of economic growth have not led to an improved financial position of employees.   

It’s high time to focus on impact rather than euros! In a new, fair economy, the added value of a company is no longer determined solely by financial growth, but by value for society. In the business world, there are no CFOs but CVOs: Chief Value Officers. 

On November 20, the Impact Economy Foundation, in collaboration with Pakhuis de Zwijger, organized the event “From Euros to Impact.” The event brought together thought leaders like Werner Schouten, Rutger Slump, The Allard Boer, Ankie van Wersch, and Ine Mols, who delved into the pressing questions: How do we turn large corporates into impact companies? And what does that require of the leaders at the top of the company?  

Watch the livestream here!