From Transparency To Transformation: Unlocking the full potential of CSRD through impact accounting

The Impact Economy Foundation published a new position paper “From Transparency to Transformation: Unlocking the full potential of CSRD with Impact Accounting”.

This publication explores how the Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework (IWAF) enriches the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) implementation by providing decision-ready information for Impact Management.

For organizations already on the path to CSRD compliance, IWAF represents the next step on the journey to becoming an impact enterprise.

Read more about the publication and find more useful resources here.

By quantifying impacts in monetary terms, IWAF offers:

Impact Language

A comparable, standardized and comprehensible impact language that fosters stakeholder dialogue and facilitates seamless integration into key business operations

Prioritization of Impacts

Insights that facilitate prioritization of impacts based on their relative contributions to stakeholders' welfare.

Enhanced clarity

Enhanced clarity on the interrelatedness between social and financial value creation through the Integrated Profit and Loss (IP&L) Statement.

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