Fall School

During the annual 2100 Fall School, current and aspiring executives come together to deepen executive competencies and insights to contribute to the realisation of the impact economy and to build a close movement. During the fall school, participants learn about impact, instruments for steering on impact (such as true pricing and impact-weighted accounting) and corporate governance. During the Fall School, members also work out their own Impact Plan.

Through an intergenerational effort we build and accumulate social-, intellectual- and human capital for broad prosperity such that work, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology lead to well-being.

After the fall school, members of the movements are provided with support for several years with realizing their personal Impact Plans. They are matched with (i) fellow candidates; (ii) an established executive, (iii) a training provider and (iv) a coach to achieve their impact goals.

Previous edition Fall School

Together, we deepened the competences that contribute to the realisation of broad prosperity. Both the present and the future leaders participated in the largest climate march ever on 6 November in anticipation of COP26, and the future in 2100. We drew up a manifesto with a shared vision of leadership for prosperity. This was launched at the National Sustainability Congress 2021.

The first Fall School took place on 5, 6, 7 November 2021.




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The Impact Economy Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende InstellingANBI) and complies with the ANBI Conditions.