Twenty-one hundred is a (knowledge) network of administrators for broad prosperity. This network is managed and shaped by the 2100 Committee. The core group of this committee consists of: Michel Scholte, Hajar Yagkoubi, Jan Ernst de Groot, Mert Kumru, Werner Schouten, Jolande Sap, Nikki Trip and Herman Mulder.

Commission 2100 is part of the Impact Economy Foundation (IEF). The IEF was recently established to accelerate the impact economy. In it, work, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship lead to a better world. IEF’s vision is outlined here. It is now developing the global standard for valuing business impact. It is currently doing this in collaboration with Harvard Business School. It is also focusing on a movement of certified ‘impact professionals’ who can apply this standard.

The IEF facilitates Eenentwintighonderd as a committee and gives committee members the freedom to develop their own ideas about a new economy and new leadership. IEF makes its network, publications and advice available for this purpose.





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The Impact Economy Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende InstellingANBI) and complies with the ANBI Conditions.