Global Community to realise the Impact Economy

Many recognize the need to reconstruct the economy in a way that can bring prosperity to all, now and in the future, by simultaneously generating material wealth, health and conserving nature. Until now, this reconstruction captured the need to transform the economy to address key long term challenges – hunger, poverty, inequality – and avert long term crises– including climate change and biodiversity loss.

We believe the answer lies in realizing an impact economy, a market economy that provides the values, information and incentives that optimize the common good and enables people to pursue their own preferences, ideas and projects to satisfy their needs and have a positive impact on society.

Realizing the impact economy requires developing the required foundations, standards and professions. Such an ambitious agenda starts with people and therefore we aim to enable the realization of an impact economy by creating a global community of impact professionals who can develop these building blocks.

Our envisioned five year agenda (2020-2025) is about achieving five key goals:

  1. Bring together a community of leaders from all sectors to shape the impact economy
  2. Design the foundations of the impact economy
  3. Develop concrete regulatory and policy proposals for the impact economy
  4. Incubate a standard for impact statements
  5. Incubate a global community of impact professionals


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Our Initiatives

Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework

The Impact-Weighted Accounts Framework (IWAF) provides organisations with a harmonized, consistent way of measuring, reporting and steering on impact. The framework helps to quantify and monetize organisations’ impact on social, human and natural capital for all stakeholders. 

This framework is the result of a partnership of the Impact Economy Foundation (IEF) with Harvard Business SchoolSingapore Management University,  Rotterdam School of Management and Impact Institute.

Follow the link below for more information and to download the latest version of the IWAF.

Go to the impact-weighted accounts framework


The 2100 Initiative is a movement of current and aspiring executives for an impact economy. The aim is to change the most important institutions, committees, supervisory boards and boards so that work, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology lead to well-being. Ultimately, the aim is that financial and economic policy concretely ensures a vital society and planet in the year 2100. Unique in this initiative is that new leaders join forces with current leaders.

GO TO 2100

Join Our Mission

Accelerate the transition towards the Impact Economy together with us!

We want to align with like-minded initiatives and individuals. Together we can build the ecosystem of organizations working on impact, such as reporting, impact investing, and impact measurement.

Help us shape this community by joining our journey towards the Impact Economy.

As an individual you can join IEF as a:

  • Council Member. Express willingness to join one of the councils, e.g. giving advice on IEFs open source work from a professional capacity.
  • Fellow. Join one of our working groups to develop instruments and tools for steering on impact.

Organizations can work together with IEF in the following ways:

  • As a Founding PartnerHelp set up the community.
  • As a Strategic Alliance. Working together on strategy, lobby and funding
  • As an EndorserExpress your support.




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The Impact Economy Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende InstellingANBI) and complies with the ANBI Conditions.

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